As you slowly glide through the landscape, it’s as if a gentle breeze guides you. Basking in the warm, steaming water, you feel at one with your surroundings and time seems to stand still. You can step out of the HotTug to take a dip in the fresh water. Brrrr, the refreshing cold tingles on your skin. Then gently ease yourself back into the warm water. You had imagined what it would be like to sail in a HotTug, but this exceeds expectations.
Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Unexpected Freedom
HotTug is the world’s first wood-fired hot tub that you can sail and bathe in at the same time. It’s an electric propelled boat, which can be enjoyed the whole year round. Summer, fall, winter and spring. People are surprised, curious and amazed when they see the HotTug passing by. Once they experience it, they feel like royalty and it brings a big smile to their faces. The HotTug is unique and is made to provide an amazing experience.