— november 2015

The HotTug is ready for the USA! Are you ready for the HotTug?

Midwinter, a romantic trip at sunset, surrounded by water, steaming and relaxing with family and friends while sailing through the canals, or laughing with colleagues in ice cold lakes as you luxuriate in a nice warm bath. It’s all possible with the HotTug!
Don’t just enjoy a hot tub in your backyard, enjoy it wherever you are, while the landscape changes around you!

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HotTug recently passed USCG testing
HotTug recently passed United States Coast Guard safety testing and meets all USCG standards and regulations! For those who don’t know, the HotTug is the first, the best and the only sailing hot tub in the world that has been submitted to such rigorous testing. Yes, we are proud of it!
Now, as in Europe and in other regions of the world, everyone can experience unexpected freedom in the USA! You can be the first in your area to own a sailing hot tub and be the envy of all.

We are currently seeking boat dealers and other entrepreneurs for exclusive sales regions and rental locations for this thrilling new concept.

For information, pricing and USA dealer inquiries, please contact HotTug USA at [email protected]
Power Boat Show in Annapolis
The 2015 United States Power Boat Show in Annapolis, MD was the first introduction of HotTug to the American market. And what an introduction it was! Many people marveled at HotTug as they stopped by during the show. Comments like ‘Why hasn’t someone thought of this already?’ and ‘I need this. It’s the best invention ever!’ were heard repeatedly. Take a look at this interview of Jochem Karstanje (International Sales Manager HotTug) by Eric Kyle, (Editor of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine) during the show.
Where do you think an ideal place for HotTug would be?
There are endless beautiful resorts, lakes, rivers and canals in the United States where HotTug will fit in perfectly! Private use, a premium resort amenity, rentals in urban areas or rentals for private parties are all great potentials. Where do you think an ideal place for HotTug would be?