— may 2015

The HotTug to the
other side of the world!
First HotTug in USA and Canada!
The first Hottugs to the US and Canada are traveling to the US at the moment. In a few weeks from now you will be able to experience them live at Edmonton, Canada and Petersburg, Virginia, USA.

Soon you can find them on our rental website: www.rentahottug.com
Amazing Race
The CBS show Amazing Race visited Amsterdam. The couples could choose between ‘shuffle’ or ‘soak’. Three couples choose ‘soak’ so they had to sail in the HotTug! ;-)

You can find an exclusive clip at IMBD.
Be part of this summer shipment to Virginia!
Our dealer in Virigina, Scott Wilson is happy to assist with arranging transport, importing and licensing the HotTugs for the US.

If you want to be one of the first to enjoy the HotTug in the USA and want to be part of the next shipment, please write Scott a mail: [email protected]