— september 2014

After a busy festival season it’s time to relax in the HotTug. Here’s what happened last few weeks
HotTug extras!
New at Vessel 11 (the rental location in Rotterdam), HotTug gift certificates / vouchers! You can buy them for a two hour trip. Just tell us for how many people, their name, pay and you are ready to go!
>> more info

There are still a few HotTug T-shirts available! You can buy them on the ‘special HotTug Day(s)’ at Vessel 11 or otherwise email us!
Heineken ‘Cities of the World’
The new Heineken campaign ‘Cities of the World’ is aimed to inspire men to have new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities. This time ‘Heineken’ is in Amsterdam and of course... the HotTug is in the story!

And yes, sorry, fellow citizens of Rotterdam, Amsterdam takes the credit again. You can't blame them, they need to have something special... ;-)
>> see movie
Management Team
The magazine management team has published a nice article about the HotTug.
>> You can read the article here
(in dutch)
Only the best is good enough for a glitterpig!
We are very happy to have a huge fan base and great ambassadors to tell how amazing you feel in the HotTug.

Take for example, Dirk van Baren, he rented the HotTug in Rotterdam to celebrate his for his own birthday!
He posted this tweet: ‘Bammmm! reserved the HotTug for my birthday. Because only the best is good enough for a glitterpig!’

Here you can see the great aftermovie, isn’t it great!!
Thanks Dirk!

Ice Bucket Challenge
The HotTug suddenly became an ice-cold bath due to Runneymede Ice Bucket Challenge. After a first dive into the icy water the man was buried under buckets and buckets of water with ice cubes ...
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