— january 2014

2014 will be a great year,
the year that HotTug will expand all around the world!
Come and join
Unexpected Freedom!

In the spotlight...
Ole Agnholt Markdal

Meet Ole Agnholt Markdal, Ole started in the summer of 2013 making a business with the HotTug in Copenhagen, Denmark. As he says himself, ‘With the HotTug we found an unique and special way to experience Copenhagen’.

In year 2000 Ole was fortunate to take over the Yacht ‘GoodEnough’, a 50 feet galease / sail boat. The former captain started sailing around the world, but gave up on the quest, and Ole took over the big project with friends in Copenhagen after having returned the boat to Denmark. Now ‘GoodEnough’, is a social boat owned by a collective of eight owners, and they use it as often as possible for private trips, cruising or fishing. Now everyone can depart from the ‘GoodEnough’ in the HotTug and enjoy the quiet and romantic canals of Copenhagen!

Ole is a real world traveller, and he previously started outdoor activities in the city. In 1996, he came up with the idea of starting sea kayaking trips, and adding sit-on-top Kayak sightseeing and Kajak polo game!
HotTug was introduced in Denmark in Copenhagen September 1st at the launch of the ‘Wave’ at Kalvebod Brygge (by Architect JDS / Julien de Smedt). In 2014 new unique theme trips will be launched, rent your HotTug in Copenhagen now at: our HotTug rental site
Heating system
In the Christmas holiday period, we installed our new heating system which allowed us to fill and heat every HotTug in one hour and fifteen minutes! (see movie) Heating several boats a day is no problem anymore, and it only consumes a few euros on gas. We cracked the nut, with the Hayward heating system, you can now really make the HotTug business work! For more information, drop us a line!