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— autumn 2013

Autumn is coming,
it starts to rain and storm and people are getting grumpy... but don’t worry...
38 degrees Celsius
Even if the autumn has started, you can still have fun. The water in the HotTug is 38 degrees Celsius and that will get you through this tough period.
And the good news is that hotels, restaurants and beach bars near the water can extend their business and be open now 365 days a year, because the HotTugs makes even grumpy faces smile!
The HotTug in Copenhagen
Ole Agnholt Markdal started a Kajak business a few years ago in Copenhagen. After he sold out of the business, he was traveling all over the globe to find his new project, we are happy he found us!
At the opening of a new and cool hangout ‘The Kalvebod Waves boardwalk’ we launched the HotTug in Copenhagen in collaboration with online platform Podio.

Read all about it in the report from TreeHugger
Want to know more about rentals in Copenhagen?
Go to and like Ole’s Facebook page!
‘10x beter’ (10 times better)
Filming from a rooftop, in a dive suit and even with go pro cameras from within the HotTug, they all want to make that special shot. The guys from dutch tv station NTR took it to another level and rented the Rotterdam water taxi for a day.
So who is renting the first helicopter that will film the HotTug from above?

Watch the episode ‘10x beter’ (in dutch), a program about tips for a better life. From 16 minutes and 55 seconds onwards...

Special HotTug Tinto days
On Sunday 6th of October we organise our monthly special HotTug days at Tinto in Rotterdam. Be fast because there are only a few places left for only for 15 euros per person. Reserve your last spot now or wait untill the 2nd november, that’s the next Special HotTug Tinto day.

You can also book your private HotTug in IJlst, London or Copenhagen.

go to the rent a HotTug website

Be part of our great network!
We are working hard to strengthen and extending our network of rental stations, agents and representatives worldwide. Feel free to inquire some documentation, what it entails to start a rental station or become a representative, send an email to Jochem

Ja-cruisy British media loves the HotTug. Check this great article in The Sun. Will Ja-cruisy’ be a new word in the dictionary next year? ‘Ja-cruisy’ be a new word in the dictionary next year?

A floating Hot Tub is getting popular! This great home build example was sent to us by one of our ambassadors, isn’t it great!
Girls trip in Amsterdam
We are preparing ourselves for rentals in Amsterdam, last weekend six girls enjoyed the beautiful canals and experienced some urban freedom!
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