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— august 2013

The HotTug in London, on ABC’s bachelorette and on the sea...
Opening rental station in London
Summer at the runnymede-on-thames is all about riverside living. The hotel’s two restaurants have extensive riverside terraces for al fresco dining, a glam outdoor pool, tennis courts, landscaped gardens, kid’s play centre, spa, gym trail and the HotTug being the newest addition for summer 2013!
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The Luxury Travel Bible already reviewed the HotTug at this hotel!

The color yellow works out really well! More pictures at our website.
The HotTug at ABC’s
‘The Bachelorette’

In Week 5 of ABC’s Reality television series ‘The Bachelorette’, Desiree and the 25 bachelors travelled to Europe and explored Munich.
It was extremely cold, ice and snow everywhere and Desiree takes Ben and Michael into the nice and warm HotTug. She literary calls the HotTug: The best invention ever!
Thanks to Sarahebrown, every body can see her say her famous words, Thanks Sarah!

The American residents can watch the bachelorette online
Belgium TV show ‘Groenland’ (VRT)
Reporter Bartel Van Riet from the Belgium TV programme ‘Groenland’ (VRT), went to another level in the HotTug. He didn’t just sip his cold drink but also brought his fishing gear.
This must be just what everybody wants, while chilling in nature, isn’t it?
See the entire episode (in flemish / dutch)
Thanks to Henk Fietspomp we can still see this great episode.
Boat Safety
Certificate UK

The HotTug passed the Boat Safety Scheme examination, performed by the Environment Agency, so we can pass on waterways in the United Kingdom! Yeah!

Russian TV host fills up the HotTug at Les Bateaux Extraordinaires
The HotTug in France
Mid July we took part in the show ‘Les Bateaux Extraordinaires’ at Deauville, France. An amazing event with extra special boats. At the show were (amonst others) the HotTug, a Flying boat, the boat of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and solar powered speedboats. Russian TV took the effort to fly over to France as well, and made shots of the HotTug the entire Sunday, they equipped the HotTug with 5 ‘Go Pro’ camera’s to capture the complete HotTug experience, this will be a great documentary!
First sea trip!
Although you need a special certificate to get on the sea with a HotTug, we just went for it! We were not surprised that the HotTug withstands the waves at sea perfectly.
And the great thing is, you can just sail on the beach and suddenly the HotTug becomes the best beach bar ever!
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