The HotTug is constructed from wood and fitted with glass-fibre reinforced polyester. The stove is made of stainless steel and has a double-walled pipe. The HotTug is powered by a built-in electric motor (nice and quiet).

A ‘folding pipe’ is available for HotTugs that sail through landscape with low bridges (85 cm/ 34 inches clearance).
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size L 380 x W 230 x H 110 cm
(L 150 x W 91 x H 43 inches)
bathing water 1800 litres / 38° C (100° F)
motor MinnKota 2,4 KW
battery option for 2.5 hours and 8 hours sailing
battery life 600 charges
heating time ± 8° C per hour to 38° C (100° F)
wood consumption three bags for heating. If necessary, one bag while sailing
  full empty
depth 90 cm (35 inches) 60 cm (24 inches)
speed 5 km/h 7 km/h
bridge clearance 145 cm (57 inches) 185 cm (73 inches)
bridge clearance with ‘folding pipe’ 85 cm (34 inches) 125 cm (49 inches)
Salt water
The HotTug is protected against salt water by a polyfibre layer. We do, however, advise you to paint the hull with a fresh layer of antifouling coating once a year to slow down the accretion of organisms, improve performance and enhance durability. For propulsion we use the Minnkota RT 160 EM (dual), which has been especially designed to handle fresh and salt water.

The HotTug weights 750 kg and can be easily lifted by the specially mounted boulders. Afterwards you can drive the HotTug on a trailer to your favourite destination. The HotTug can be exported in a container or by truck. The HotTug is strapped into a special pallet and sealed.