Rental station
What‘s else is special about the HotTug, besides the beautiful Dutch design and the totally new experience of boating and bathing? For one thing, you can use the HotTug all year round. Any hotel, beach bar, restaurant, camping or spa can extend their season with the HotTug. Imagine welcoming a group of 80 people to your beach bar in the middle of winter when your only visitors are usually the seagulls picking from your outdoor tables.

Because the HotTug is such an innovative concept, it will draw attention and generate free publicity. The news will spread like wildfire and attract even more people. The possibilities are endless. What about movie nights? Or a romantic outing combined with a wedding night? Or a teambuilding day ending with a dinner?
As a stand-alone rental station, you can also consider trips on location. After all, you can easily mount the HotTug on a trailer and go anywhere!
Pre-heating with gas
You can really make the HotTug rental business work with a gas heater. We use the Hayward pool and spa hot tub heater H400, which allows you to fill and heat every HotTug to 38° C / 100° F in 75 minutes.
Heating several boats a day is not a problem anymore and it only costs a few euros (between € 7 - 10) in gas.

Potential revenues
We can give you a rough indication of what you can earn from renting out a HotTug. Since every customer has their own strategies and rental programmes, our figures are only an average calculation based on the most common programmes.
Please contact us if you would like more information, calculations etc.
For a rental station you need:
— storage for wood
— water & hose
— a submersible pump
— a changing room

For your own ease
— a hot water system
—tarpaulin (to keep thewater warm)

For additional service
— lockers in the changing room
— a ‘cabinet’ nearby the HotTug for towels
— phone cases
— a waterproof barrel
(for cigarettes, etc.)

See all kinds of extras at >> accessories
Website and Booking
The HotTug has a rental website. We can post a description of your location with a link to your website, or you can use our booking system. In this system, each location sets its own prices, its own opening hours and its own rental hours. Users can reserve a HotTug in the booking system, and even pay a deposit.