The HotTug
The launch of the HotTug in the Netherlands in September 2012 triggered a stir of interest in the press and led to hundreds of inquiries from rental stations and distributors as well as curious fans all around the world who couldnít wait to give it a try. Most people still can’t believe their eyes when they see the HotTug sailing through the canals of Amsterdam in midwinter. People lounging around in bathing suits in a 38°C (100°F) warm HotTug, while everyone else is wearing scarfs and hats to keep out the winter cold.

But itís all true!

365 days of the year, you can enjoy this great new experience. Some people say you feel like a king cruising through a busy town, others enjoy the HotTug with a group of friends Ė ideal for a bachelor party. Or for a weekend getaway in a lakeside cottage in the middle of nowhere with a sauna, followed by a dip in the lake and a trip in the HotTug...

When do you experience ‘unexpected freedom’?
The HotTug was designed and invented by Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn from ‘Supergoed’. The HotTug is a unique concept and is designed with love and attention to detail. The shape, the use of materials and the bright colours break with the traditions of the nautical world. The characteristic skin of polyester with stainless steel and chestnut wood gives the HotTug a fresh and bright look and feel. Itís not just the concept but also the design that brings a smile to the faces of the people sitting in it and the people watching it.