frequently asked questions
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How much time does it take to fill up the boat?
The HotTug contains about 1800 litres of water. Of course the filling time depends on the thickness of the hose and the local pressure. On average, filling takes about 2 hours but the currentrecord stands at 2.1 minutes! Who can beat that?

So, what about heating?
A wood stove in the front of the boat heats the water up to 38° C (100° F) in about 2.5 hours. All it takes is a small fire built with normal logs.

How do you empty the HotTug?
An electric submersible pump will do the job in about 20 minutes.

How many people can fit into the HotTug?
The HotTug fits about six to eight people.

Is the HotTug available in any color?
Yes the HotTug is available in any RAL and NCS colour. On page photos you can see which colors weve already used. (black, blue, red, bright green, yellow and olive green).

What about lifting and transporting the HotTug?
The HotTug weights ± 635 kg and can be easily lifted by the specially mounted boulders. Afterwards you can drive the HotTug on a trailer to your favourite destination. (see more info)

What kind of boat is it?
In Europe the HotTug is regarded as a small vessel that you do not need to register. You can sail without a licence and you do not need a flag from another country. For import we use HS Code 8903.99.91 for pleasure yachts, shorter than 7.5 metres.

What about the warranty?
The warranty is standardly arranged by HISWA, two years for all parts. All parts are standardly available, the engine comes from Minn Kota, the leading US company.

Can I bring life jackets?
Yes, the HotTug can be equipped with a waterproof space, which is sealed with an aluminum hatch. In this space you can put an anchor, life jackets etc.
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Does the HotTug comply with the official rules and regulations?
Yes, the HotTug has an official CE marking, which confirms that it complies with the EU requirements. (see certificates)

I want to hire out the HotTug but I don’t not want to heat the stove hours in advance, is there another option?
Yes, a hot water system is available which fills the tub with hot water, but the stove still needs to be heated to keep the water warm during sailing.

Do you need to take any wood along when you’re sailing?
No, if the stove is hot enough, no additional wood is required. We have, however, noticed that people really enjoying stoking the stove with wood. So for extra fun, a basket of wood is advisable.

Do you need a special licence to sail the HotTug?
No, that’s not necessary.

Can’t it sink?
Thanks to its solid wooden construction the HotTug is safe and unsinkable. Being filled with water makes the HotTug extremely stable. So, no problems climbing in and out. You can even stand on the edge before plunging into the water outside.

What about waves?
HotTug handles waves pretty well. Its filled with water, so it just goes with the flow. The worst thing that can happen is a bit of cold water spilling over into the boat. We’ve sailed the sea to show you what happens. >> movie

Can the motor handle brackish or salt water?
The HotTug is equipped with Minn Kota RT 160 EM (dual), a special engine for salt water.

What about cleaning?
The HotTug can be cleaned with water and a cloth. If you want you cab use a domestic cleaning agent, green soap or (garden furniture) cleaner for polyester. We recommended only biodegradable products.

Can I place my own logo on the HotTug?
Yes, you can put your logo on the lids / covers of the drink containers. You can also attach a flag with your logo onto the HotTug.