frequently asked questions
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How much time does it take to fill up the boat?
The HotTug contains about 1800 litres of water. Of course the filling time depends on the thickness of the hose and the local pressure. On average, filling takes about 2 hours but the currentrecord stands at 4,3 minutes! Who can beat that?

So, what about heating?
A wood stove in the front of the boat heats the water up to 38° C (100° F) in about 2.5 hours. All it takes is a small fire built with normal logs.

Scared of fire on the boat?
Believe it or not, you can even touch the stove while the fire is going. The stainless steel is cooled by the water around it while heating it up at the same time!

Ain’t it cold, sitting in the water, especially in the winter?
Nope it’s actually very lovely in cold weather. Think of the Scandinavians, they’re doing it for years!

Mmm nice! but how many friends can join me?
The HotTug fits about six to eight people, but maybe if you are good friends...

That sounds fantastic! And how much time can we cruise and chill on my favourite lake?
Well, the HotTug is available in two versions: with an integrated electric motor of 2.4 KW you can cruise around for about 2.5 or 8 hours depending on your version. With an outboard engine it depends of course on how much patrol you can carry. (see technology and/or prices)

I am all yours!! Now I only need to choose colours, but where do I get one?
Here it gets difficult because the HotTug is available in any RAL and NCS colour. On page photos you can see which colors we’ve already used. (black, blue, red, bright green, yellow and olive green). Please make up your mind, email us or make an appointment to visit us in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.